Ali Dawson Photo Gallery

Welcome to my Photo gallery. This page and all the corresponding subdirectory pages comprise my complete photo gallery. Each individual page will display all the photo thumb nails from the current directory in ascending date order. Clicking on a thumbnail will display the full image in a new browser window.

Below are a few of my favourites


Sunset on the west coast of New Zealand


The view over Queenstown


View from our Balcony - Queenstown


The Famous Milford Sound


A view from Whistler Peak


The drive to the hotsprings - Pemberton


Me the cheif and the honeys in the World - Queenstown


Me and the girls - Sydney


Me and Sayce do Blue Steel! - Whistler


Preparation for the Beach party - Thialand


They call me DeadshotDaws - Tuscon


A typical lunchtime at TWTV!


Celebrating Australia day - Perth


Celebrating Helens birthday - Dublin


Smile please! - Amsterdam